Final Fantasy Young Canadian Mothers

To build on the significant attention he received for last year’s Final Fantasy Has a Good Home!!!, as well as to tide fans over until the release of his sophomore album, erm, He Poos Clouds, the ever-talented Owen Pallett has put together this substantial little EP. A seven-inch-only release, Young Canadian Mothers features two re-worked tracks from his 2005 album that on paper may seem like nothing special, but by ear are worth whatever price the label is charging. "This is the Dream of Emma & Cam” is "Win & Regine” with a band behind him, revealing what Final Fantasy can be if Pallett ever needs the company. "The Sea (Tenderizer)” follows suit by pulling back the violin from the foreground and surrounding him with what could have been Belle & Sebastian a decade ago. The new "Spell for a Weak Heart” isn’t much of a departure, sticking with the looped strings, but also adding some video game noises for ambience’s sake. Finally, his cover of Joanna Newsom’s "Peach, Plum, Pear” is a suitable choice for him, considering the parallels of the two artists. Pallett’s treatment finds him signalling Newsom’s spirit, while using his signature (violin) style to stand in for her harp. Limited to only 500 copies, this EP is well worth the effort to get your hands on. (Escape Goat)