Filthy Haanz "Magic Octopussy"

Filthy Haanz 'Magic Octopussy'
Psychedelic-leaning three-piece Filthy Haanz has been killing it in the Montreal underground for quite some time now, but the space age yacht-rockers have yet to release any physical material. That's about to change, however, with the band announcing a self-titled six-song EP hitting shelves by the end of the summer. Tide yourself over by listening to the band's first single, "Magic Octopussy," on ahead of the album's release.

Combining the musical stylings of Ringo Starr with the lyrical swagger of an Ian Fleming novel, "Magic Octopussy" finds lead singer Jean Nicolas-Doss plundering an ocean of Johnny Marr guitar lines and waves of reverb in search of, well, a magical Octopussy. (We don't know what it is, either.)

Listen to the band's new single below care of Club Roll Music and keep your eyes peeled for an official release date from the group.