Filthy Dukes / Various Fabriclive 48

Gritty London club night Kill Em All has been running for three years and Filthy Dukes' smashing of the commonplace has just caught up to metal. This record has more new wave retro allure than it does hard rock appeal and Filthy Dukes embody that uber-upbeat sound created by synths and drum machines in the '80s, enveloped by cutting edge electro trance (Filthy Dukes' "Twenty Six Hundred" or Popof's "Serenity"). Mujava's "Township Funk" echoes a modern, haunting synth-electronic sound unheard of in many places (besides Justin Martin's record crate perchance?). This record loses some of its fluency at the end but the temporary block out of spatial intelligence is realigned in the mix of Zombie Nation's "Worth It Part 1" and Aphex Twin's classic "Window Licker." Their brute reworking of Tiga's "What You Need" brings a monstrous finale. Connecting with the Kill Em All club night (now hosted by Fabric), many artists on this mix performed there live. (Fabric)