Filter Title of the Record

For their debut album, Filter plundered heavily from Nine Inch Nails’ industrial sounds to create a pretty damn good original remake. Now they have done it again. This time they make new music out of the Jane's Addiction back catalogue. To say their second album sounds like Jane's is a slight understatement. It couldn’t be closer to one of their albums if Dave Navarro played guitar on “Welcome to the Fold” and “Take a Picture.” For added comfort, the vocals and lyrics reek of Perry Farrell. Going this far in one musical direction can be extremely dangerous, but that didn’t seem to bother Filter who thieve like Ali Baba. Stealing a song like “Classic Girl” right out from Jane's Addiction nose must have been difficult, but they do it for “Take a Picture,” with slow, solid guitar with vocals that hit a screeching peak before going back down into a mellow zone. The kids have probably forgotten, or worse, not known who Jane’s Addiction were, which leaves Filter to be heralded as musical gods in their eyes. While they are not nearly that good or deserving of hero worship, their second album is still decent fare. As long as you know the musicians who cook this up are following the recipe created by Jane’s Addiction. (Warner)