Filmmaker Break This Fall

This four-piece from Estevan, SK, could be Canada’s best kept secret. With searing melodies, emotionally charged lyrics and vocals, and enough indie-rock hooks to keep ears glued to blasting speakers, Filmmaker are the emo of champions. Fans of Canada’s other notorious powerhouse of emo, By a Thread, should sit up and take notice. Break this Fall is their debut release and with only six songs it’s a real teaser of what’s to come later this year when they release their full-length effort, produced by Alex Newport (At the Drive-In, Samiam, Sepultura). Once again a band has proven that you don’t have to be heavy, hard and fast to be intense and powerful musically. Just listening to, "Offences Between U,” is a perfect example of that emotionally charged power that Filmmaker is overflowing with. Whether you’re a fan of emo or not, Filmmaker offer up some of the most raw, beautiful, depressing and pumped up music that Canada has to offer. (Farway)