Filkoe Lost Zoo Keys and the Animal Spirits That Haunt Them

Filkoe takes a big chance on a risky concept album, with each song a lesson on, and an ode to, a variety of extinct and endangered animals. The album art of human/animal hybrids is inspired and symbolic of Filkoe’s humanising these animals in song. And he drops a hell of a lot of knowledge, too. Of course there are some big, scientific words, but Filkoe’s down-to-earth presentation and slower singsong flow make for an easy time in digesting his poetic pleas. The fun, experimental production mixes dark future funk with wacky sample choices, giving the album a childish exuberance that’s further reinforced by way too many interludes of songs and samples from children’s records. Add the concept, which is the perfect subject matter for a children’s record, and you’ve got a great, educational children’s record, right? It might be worth a try on a long car trip with the kids but unfortunately they’re unlikely to be ready to appreciate Filkoe’s abstract hip-hop. Still, you have to appreciate his green message and the heart that went into presenting it in such a complex and exciting way. (Endemik)