Fiery Furnaces Self-Covers Album Gets Digital Release

Fiery Furnaces Self-Covers Album Gets Digital Release
With all the newsworthy hate that front-man Matthew Friedberger keeps spewing all over Radiohead and Beck, it's easy to forget that his band, the Fiery Furnaces, have also been busy with a whole load of new material. Besides their fan-written record and their silent album, the band also announced that they'd be recording a solo cover version of their own songs. Without much notice, that covers album is now available from Thrill Jockey.

The album is called Take Me Round Again and, as promised, features Matthew and Eleanor Friedberger taking turns on tracks from I'm Going Away. It's unclear if this is the first volume of the series, as Matthew originally said they'd eventually have each member cover the whole album.

In a statement, Eleanor explains, "I've gotten into the habit of rewriting songs Matt has written, just as a way of practising and singing at home. Originally, I had wanted to record a folk-style record called Eleanor Friedberger sings the songs of the Fiery Furnaces. I thought it would make a nice greatest hits record, but reworking I'm Going Away before it even came out seemed a lot more exciting."

Take Me Round Again is only available as a digital download and you can pick it up on iTunes.

Take Me Round Again:

1. "I'm Going Away" (Matthew Friedberger)

2. "I'm Going Away" (Eleanor Friedberger)

3. "Keep Me in the Dark" (Eleanor Friedberger)

4. "Cut the Cake" (Eleanor Friedberger)

5. "Even in the Rain" (Eleanor Friedberger)

6. "Drive to Dallas" (Matthew Friedberger)

7. "Keep Me in the Dark" (Matthew Friedberger)

8. "Ray Bouvier" (Eleanor Friedberger)

9. "Cups + Punches" (Eleanor Friedberger)

10. "Take Me Round Again" (Matthew Friedberger)

11. "Cut the Cake" (Matthew Friedberger)

12. "Staring at the Steeple" (Matthew Friedberger)