Fiery Furnaces Recording Solo Covers of Their Album

Fiery Furnaces Recording Solo Covers of Their Album
Eternally out-there brother and sister duo the Fiery Furnaces have seemingly gone off the creative rails this year, announcing project after project surrounding the release of their recent I'm Going Away album. From asking fans to write a record with them to plotting a "silent record," Matthew and Eleanor Friedberger just can't stop putting out the jams.

But it doesn't stop there. Now, the duo have announced they'll each be recording solo covers of songs from I'm Going Away. In a post to their website, they explained that they'll be reworking the material, with only the lyrics remaining the same.

Perhaps it's best to just let the band explain:

Matthew and Eleanor are taking time out from watching season two of Mad Men to record separate, complete, cover, tribute, albums, of, to, I'm Going Away. Only the words will remain the same. Though in Eleanor's case, the singer remains the same. The song, never. Or mostly never.

In other words: complete cover-album versions of the Fiery Furnaces by the Fiery Furnaces. Or The Fiery Furnaces. By the two of them, separately. To be released in two parts, together.

Six songs by one with six by the other. And then another six by six. The first batch comes out sometime in New York City - meaning September.

Tell us when your cover version will come out. Write to [email protected]

In other words, the project will be released twice, with each sibling halving the tracks on each release, making this yet another bizarre innovation from this restless band.