The Fiery Furnaces Have Ten Albums In The Pipeline

The Fiery Furnaces Have Ten Albums In The Pipeline
There's no question that brother-sister duo Matthew and Eleanor Friedberger know how to get things done with their Fiery Furnaces project. In previous years, they've balanced their regular studio albums with interesting projects like covers of themselves and a silent record. Next year, however, they'll top themselves with a total of ten planned albums.

According to an interview with Entertainment Weekly [via TwentyFourBit], the albums will include eight solo ones from Matthew Friedberger, a solo record from Eleanor Friedberger and a new full band release from the Fiery Furnaces.

Matthew's contribution to the big ten is a series of records called Solos. The project will see Friedberger issue a new album on vinyl every two months in 2011 via Thrill Jockey. That's six albums in total, with an additional two getting shipped with the last release in November of 2011. Each of the six albums will feature Friedberger playing a single instrument and singing. The first album, Napolenette, features piano and voice. The whole series can be pre-ordered here, as well as at such fine retailers as Amoeba, Experimedia, Aquarius and Other Music.

Eleanor Friedberger's contribution is a solo record that she's currently recording in Brooklyn, NY. While details are scarce, Matthew suggested it could represent a new sound for the artist. "I wouldn't want to characterize her ambitions for that record and get it wrong, but I think Eleanor wants to have a new story, as they say," he told EW.

Finally, the duo will reconvene to record a new Fiery Furnaces album in Chicago, IL this December. "It's going to be a loud, aggressive rock record," Matthew said. "The songs are rock songs. They're pretty wordy, I guess. They definitely have melodies though. They're songs with words and tunes."

Committed Fiery Furnaces fans need to save up some money if they're going to keep up with the intense output scheduled from the band.