FIDLAR "If It Makes You Happy" (Sheryl Crow cover) (video)

FIDLAR 'If It Makes You Happy' (Sheryl Crow cover) (video)
If you're looking for an afternoon pick-me-up to get you through to the weekend, Sheryl Crow might not be your go-to. But FIDLAR have got you covered with a fresh take on the singer's 1996 hit "If It Makes You Happy" that is sure to wake you up.
The verses are soft and soothing, but there's no chance of nodding off when the chorus comes around. The garage punks give it their all, with blasts of ominous noise and top-of-their-lungs screaming.
To add to the hilarity, they've paired up their raucous version of the track with the visuals from Crow's original music video. Watch the spectacular results below.