Fennesz to Issue 'Seven Stars' EP This Summer

Fennesz to Issue 'Seven Stars' EP This Summer
It's been a while since we heard new music from beloved ambient soundscaper Christian Fennesz. While the Austrian artist did see the release of the Szampler compilation last year, he hasn't released a solo album since 2008's heady, gorgeous Black Sea. Thankfully, the textured drone composer is returning with a new four-song offering, Seven Stars.

While it seems as if the bulk of the set will be performed solely by Fennesz, a press release explains that the title track features American experimental percussionist Steven Hess on drums. A statement from Fennesz also hints that there could be more drum collaborations in his future.

A ten-inch vinyl version of the EP will be released July 5 on UK imprint Touch. Considering its release date, it sounds as if electronic music fans will be spending another Endless Summer with the ambient icon. A CD version is expected to drop sometime in September. Check out the tracklisting below.

Seven Stars:

1. "Liminal"
2. "July"

3. "Shift"

4. "Seven Stars"