Femur's 'For the Love of It' Is Unsettling in All the Right Ways

BY Mark TremblayPublished Nov 24, 2020

Femur are one the best things going in Canadian heavy music. Their debut record, Red Marks, saw the group pop onto the radar of many with their dizzying mathcore-meets-sludge. For the Love of It sees the band further pushing these elements in a more refined manner, making it one of the best heavy albums fans will hear in 2020.

Femur's music is always unsettling in the best way possible. The odd-timed riffs of "Unconditional" and the Black Sheep Wall plod of "Often & Softly" highlight the ways that Femur are always able to bring the heavy through unconventional means. If you are looking for heavy riffs, Femur always deliver.

The unsung hero of this album is drummer Dylan Maxwell. His unconventional fills on "Welcome Wind II" and "Brian Wells," or the straightforward pummelling of "Gulazzi," showcase his talent for finding his way into any sort of pocket that is required of him.

For the Love of It is an excellent addition into the canon of 2020 albums, and an incredible step forward for this Thunder Bay band.

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