Felt Felt 2: A Tribute to Lisa Bonet

Back with another High Fidelity type ode is Slug and Murs with Felt 2, the follow-up to A Tribute to Christina Ricci and this time it's for Lisa Bonet. Does it have anything to do with Lisa Bonet? Did the first Felt record have anything to do with Christina Ricci? Not really, besides the fact they both would love to kick it with either of these actresses. The idea of Felt — a collab between Rhymesayers’ Slug and Living Legends’ Murs — came to be in 2001, when these two mad talented jokers were in a van driving from San Fran having a heated discussion over which rapper had the better chance of sleeping with Ricci; which pretty much explains the Bonet tribute as well. Getting laid and paid is the main theme of this album, and it's hard to tell which rapper has the most braggadocio about his ability. However, after listening to "Breaker Down Like A Shotgun," it seems Slug comes up on top. Most of the tracks aren't really about much other than being lonely on tour, the rap game, other dudes, Vegas, getting busy and of course, why these two are the best. The beats are courtesy of Ant of Atmosphere and are tight, funky and have an old school and new school sound with both rappers spittin' back and forth a la EPMD, Run DMC and Schooly D. Felt 2 is funny as hell and will bump in any ride; whether or not Lisa Bonet will give either of these charismatic clowns a late night booty call though is quite unlikely! (Rhymesayers)