Feist Gives Her Debut 'Monarch' Album the Reissue Treatment

Feist Gives Her Debut 'Monarch' Album the Reissue Treatment
For many, Feist's solo career began around 2004 with "Mushaboom," off her celebrated Let It Die LP. But the singer's early days are getting toasted via a new reissue of her out-of-print debut LP Monarch: Lay Your Jewelled Head Down.

The ten-song record was initially self-released released on CD back in 1999, and Feist will keep up the DIY aesthetic when she delivers the set on vinyl for the first time ever through her own Feist Music. While not many pressing details have been made available, the wax edition of Monarch is being labelled as a "special limited edition vinyl reissue."
  You can pick up the platter here through Feist's website, and you can check out the tracklisting, as well as a fan video for the both low-key and symphonic, string-laden title track, down below.

CORRECTION: As some commenters have pointed out, Monarch was in fact put out by Bobby Dazzler Records and was not self-released.

Thanks to AUX for the tip.

Monarch: Lay Your Jewelled Head Down:
1. Cool To Love Your Family

2. Onliest

3. La Sirena

4. One Year a.d.

5. Monarch

6. That's What I Say, It's Not What I Mean

7. Flight #303

8. Still True

9. The Mast

10. New Torch