The Feelies Reform For Gigs, New Material

The Feelies Reform For Gigs, New Material
The influential and recently reunited jangle pop outfit the Feelies have leaked word on a possible new studio album. While talking to the blog Dark Party, the band’s lead guitarist/vocalist Glenn Mercer said, "We’re playing a few shows in NJ and NY and might play more in other places, like Chicago and Boston. We’re also working on some new songs, with the idea of recording another record.”

In April, the Feelies announced they would reunite to open for Sonic Youth at the River to River Festival in New York on July 4. In 2006, some of the band’s members also got together for a one-off show in New Jersey, but core member Bill Million was absent. The group have not released any new studio work since 1991’s Time for a Witness and officially broke up the following year.

The New Jersey-based Feelies formed back in the late ’70s. They quickly became one of the biggest "it” bands of the ’80s after their debut Crazy Rhythms was hailed as an instant classic, but ironically, a commercial failure. Throughout the band’s career they suffered from frequent lineup changes, but remained grounded in the core songwriting duo of Mercer and Million, who is now back with the project.

In Mercer’s interview with Dark Party, he did not say when the band planned to re-enter the studio or when fans can expect a new album to be released.

The Feelies "Loveless Love”