Federation X X Patriot

This cool second album from these Bellingham, WA weirdos finds them burrowing themselves even farther into their own little world, which is a very good thing. From their stream-of-consciousness quasi-revolutionary lyrics and album graphics to their unconventional dual four-string guitar and drum sound, these guys are definitely doing their own thing. With amazingly crystal-clear, spot-on production from Steve Albini, the Fed X boys have a newfound pep in their step and glide in their stride. While their first album was just as heavy and haunting but in a more downbeat, doom-y way, X Patriot sees them picking up the pace and sounding more original for it. Make no mistake, there is still a Black Sabbath Volume 4 guitar vibe going down all over the place here, but they take this sound to some new places with their spry, fluid playing and outside-the-box genre meshing. (Estrus)