Federation X

Rally Day

BY Liz WorthPublished Aug 1, 2005

Rally Day marks the fourth record in the five years since Federation X’s inception. In that time this band have built a reputation around an intelligent form of dirty rock so reminiscent of early ’90s grunge — without the excessive ego-stroking postures — that it’s a wonder what their careers would have been like if this was happening 15 years earlier. Easily compared to the Melvins, Karp, and Big Black over time — though still retaining a sound that easily sets them apart — Federation X plod through thick and murky spasms of feedback and heavy drones through low budget equipment. Vocalist Bill X sweats out lyrics through a voice that has just as much gravel as a dirt road, as he works his way through notable tracks like "Nightmare Nation,” "Hydrogen, Nitrogen & Bullshit,” and "A Fear To Fly.” Between Bill and the wall of noise that comes out of his guitar, along with guitarist Ben X and drummer Beau, they’ve hopefully kept enough energy to make it to their fifth recording.

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