BY Sarah MurphyPublished Apr 10, 2017

Featurette delivered their debut LP Crave back in 2015, and now the Toronto two-piece are ready to reveal a brand new single.
"Bang" marks the first fresh material since the aforementioned album's release, and it serves as a harbinger of the energetic, self-assured sonic direction that the duo are hoping to continue heading in.
"We've been busy writing and creating all winter," Featurette tell Exclaim! "This track is really the first sneak peek at where our music is headed. 'Bang' picks up from where our LP, Crave, left off. The song is expressing a newfound confidence and power in the character — she's going after what she wants and nothing is going to get in her way."
Glitched-out, chopped-up vocals, looping synths and explosions of bass meld together on "Bang," making for an exciting, heart-pumping listen. Hear it for yourself below.
If you like what you hear, be sure to catch the band debut the new track live at their upcoming Canadian Music Week show on April 20 at Adelaide Hall in Toronto.

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