Feast for Crows When All Seems to be Burned

With the bulk of the most modern incarnation of popular metal coming from American metalcore bands, it is interesting to see a band from Europe adopt the newly successful formula of blast beats and breakdowns. Germany’s Feast for Crows are a fresh band that, thankfully, add a touch of melody to the over-saturated "new wave” of today’s popular metal. While the chugging riffs are still prevalent, there is some serious Iron Maiden worship going on within many of the tracks. This makes When All Seems to be Burned come off sounding like an Unearth record with touches of melodic death mixed in (think Nightrage). This is the first album from the young Germans and the fresh and relatively unique offering they have provided gives the listener the feeling that this band could be one to watch in the coming years, if the contemporary metal scene lasts that long. When all Seems to be Burned is by no means an outstanding album but is more of a slight variation on the norm by a band whose, hopefully, best days are ahead of them. (Bastardized)