FearOfMusic FearOfMusic

Nostalgic for ’90s British guitar-rock? Miss groups like Longpigs, but wish they would’ve been even more like Bends-era Radiohead and fronted by Matt Bellamy from Muse? The self-titled debut from the UK’s FearOfMusic — constructed of high, operatic vocals, distorted riffs and spastic electronic-tinged instrumentation — could be what you’re looking for. From the familiar riffs to the odd liberal borrowing of "My Iron Lung” guitar freakouts, FOM’s influences are clear, and their music isn’t much less obvious. Which isn’t to say it isn’t catchy, since several of the EP’s cuts trounce what Muse have been releasing lately, and Jo Rose’s voice is almost strong enough to carry the songs that don’t work. But the overwhelming sense that you’ve heard every song before begins to wear on the EP’s limited scope, blunting the impact of otherwise impressive-on-their-own songs like "Hey Princess,” "Skin & Bones” and "The Waltz.” Derivative with some odd arrangement choices (the annoying squeals in opener "A Strange Kind of Terror”), this is a debut that shows promise if the band can widen their palette when they get around to the full length. (Blowout)