FBI Investigating Controversial Scorpions Album Cover

BY Brock ThiessenPublished May 8, 2008

The racy cover of a 32-year-old Scorpions album (the one above on the left) has become the subject of a FBI investigation. The image caught the eye of the federal agency after right-wing media outlet World Net Daily singled it out during a recent sweep of Wikipedia, where the news agency was looking for salacious pornographic material. Federal agents are now trying to determine if the cover, which is from 1976’s Virgin Killer, violates U.S. child pornography laws.

The cover in question depicts a naked pre-teen girl bearing her chest but whose special bits are obscured by a camera-lens crack. Back in ’76, this image solicited by the hard-rockin’ Germans was banned in the U.S. after being deemed too controversial for American audiences. However, in 2008 the record can still be found as an import and can even be bought on Amazon for a hefty $89.99.

As of today, the Virgin Killer photo is still posted on Wikipedia, with the site’s head of communications, Jay Walsh, telling World Net Daily he was unsure if administrators would be taking it down.

If the FBI does find the Scorpions cover violates child pornography laws, it’s unclear what will happen to the 32-year-old album and how the FBI will further censure it. Perhaps they will raid record swap meets and shake down some longhaired vendors?

Here is a short list of some of the other "offending” content found on Wikipedia by World Net Daily:

• Recordings of women experiencing orgasms
• Videos of nude men participating in "ejaculation educational demonstrations"
• Detailed photographs of men and women masturbating
• Images of mammary intercourse
• Close-up images of topless women and male and female sexual anatomy
• Large-scale photos of men performing oral sex on one another (and performing oral sex on themselves)
• An illustrated list of sex positions
• Threesomes
• Photos of nude strippers

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