Faye Webster Announces New Album 'Underdressed at the Symphony,' Shares "Lego Ring" with Lil Yachty

It follows 2021's 'I Know I'm Funny haha'

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Jan 11, 2024

One of Atlanta's finest songwriters, Faye Webster is back with a new album. Her fifth studio full-length is led by the woozy single "Lego Ring" featuring childhood friend Lil Yachty.

Underdressed at the Symphony will show up in the crowd on March 1 via Secretly Canadian. It follows Webster's fantastic 2021 album, I Know I'm Funny haha — one of the 50 best of that year — and 2022's orchestral EP, Car Therapy Sessions.

Recorded at Sonic Ranch Studios in Texas, the new record features previous singles "But Not Kiss" and "Lifetime."

If you're familiar with the singer-songwriter and her tendency toward dry humour, you may not be surprised to learn that she titled the album based on a regular habit of buying last-minute tickets to see the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and, yes, often being exceedingly underdressed.

"I would just decide at the last moment that that's what I wanted to do," Webster explained. "I got to leave what I felt like was kind of a shitty time in my life and be in this different world for a minute. I liked that I didn't feel like I belonged."

Of the single, she added, "I think I hit a point in songwriting during this record where I was just like, man, I said a lot. The record feels like a mouthful to me, but I don't always have to be deep. I can just sit down and sing about this ring made of crystal Lego that I really want."

Watch the wholesome "Lego Ring" video below and keep scrolling for the full album tracklisting.

Underdressed at the Symphony:

1. Thinking About You
2. But Not Kiss
3. Wanna Quit All the Time
4. Lego Ring (feat. Lil Yachty)
5. Feeling Good Today
6. Lifetime
7. He Loves Me Yeah!
8. ebay Purchase History
9. Underdressed at the Symphony
10. Tttttime

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