Father John Misty Unveils Three "Generic Pop Songs"

Father John Misty Unveils Three 'Generic Pop Songs'
In addition to penning existential critiques of humanity under the name Father John Misty, songwriter Joshua Tillman has spent some time as a pop songwriter, collaborating on recent albums by Beyoncé and Lady Gaga. Now, Mr. Misty has showcased some of his radio-friendly chops by sharing three new tracks on SoundCloud.

The songs are titled "Generic Pop Song #3," "Generic Pop Song #9" and "Generic Pop Song #16." These tracks are significantly more buoyant than the orchestral folk laments that make up the forthcoming Pure Comedy, with the arrangements driven by electronic beats and grandiose choruses.

That being said, they still bear traces of Misty's unique lyrical style, and he might not be giving himself enough credit by labelling these "generic." In particular, "#16" is sweetly loving soul-pop ballad, and "#3" swells to heavenly group-sung refrains with touching lines like "All I owe you is my love."

Hear the songs below. It goes without saying that these will not appear on Pure Comedy, which comes out April 7 via Sub Pop.

Father John Misty is currently on Exclaim!'s cover; read our interview with him here. You can also get the latest from the songwriter via his freshly reactivated (and extremely satirical) Twitter account.