Father John Misty Releases Country Version of "Pure Comedy"

Josh Tillman trolls us again with "Pure Country"
Father John Misty Releases Country Version of 'Pure Comedy'
Father John Misty embraces his role as folk rock's favourite cynic, and now the cheeky singer-songwriter is once again trolling us all by releasing a countrified version of his song "Pure Comedy." It is, quite naturally, retitled "Pure Country," and Misty uploaded it to YouTube this weekend.

The title track from his most recent LP has been refashioned as a sprawling jam featuring honky-tonk piano and electric guitar twang. It all might sound fairly straight-laced except for the fact that the vocalist born Josh Tillman affects and over-the-top country twang and shouts out things like, "C'mon boys!" He even lets out a laugh about halfway through.

Of course, it wouldn't be Father John Misty without him turning a joke into a political statement, so the caption to the video reads, "now libs and chuds each have their own version to weaponize."

Listen to "Pure Country" below. Meanwhile, FJM also has a solo Live from Third Man record on the way plus a new album in the works.