Fat Hed Night Train to Babble On

Ever wondered what it would sound like if Fozzie Bear dropped a rhyme over a Kutmasta Kurt joint? The results can be found on Fat Hed’s debut as the Muppet MC croons with the phenomenal Motion Man at his side on "What Do We Need Today?” Fat Hed isn’t exactly the greatest poet in hip-hop today and you have to be very understanding to handle his delivery, which is reminiscent of belting out show tunes with marbles in his mouth. You have to hand it to Fat Hed for trying something different, and the fact that he actually delivers hooks and melodies within his tracks has to be applauded, giving life to some rather silly numbers with banging production. You might crack a smile when you hear the lovable chorus of "Baby Pea” and you might catch yourself singing along with the title track, but things start to wear thin when "Doo Doo (In the Pot)” comes at you — a number from a few years back that still stinks. The production of Night Train to Babble On is tight though, with Nocturnal Ron and Fred C never failing to give life to a party jam, as well as Kutmasta Kurt dropping by to give his blessing. Not to continue to rip at how annoying Fat Hed’s vocals can get, but when you hear the likes of J. Maddox or Awol One share the mic and give these hot beats the proper love they deserve, you can’t help but pray for an instrumental release to hit your local record shop. (Dope Discs)