Fast Romantics

American Love

BY Corey HendersonPublished Apr 26, 2017

On American Love, the Fast Romantics explore what it means to fall in love during a time of strife and unrest, as well as themes of identity and nationhood. Written during 2016, a real banner year for sadness and dismay, the album presents a love story with the backdrop of political chaos, anger and confusion.
It can be difficult to reconcile good and happy feelings in your own life, when the world at large is falling apart. What's great about American Love is love is not consumed by the problems of the world, but rather used as a source of determination and strength, like on "Why We Fight," with a synth/guitar riff right out of Springsteen's playbook. In fact, references to great American musicians are all over American Love, such as on "Radio Waves," a blissed-out Beach Boys number.
The highlight of the album has got to be "Julia," a huge power pop jam with one of the catchiest choruses I've heard this year, as well as some amazing harmonies and Matthew Angus going full Costello on the bridge. In a time of uncertainty and fear, American Love is a welcome light in the darkness, and a nice reminder of the power of love.
(Light Organ)

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