Fang Island Announce 'Major'

Fang Island Announce 'Major'
Considering Fang Island last left us with a split seven-inch with party guy Andrew W.K., it shouldn't come as a surprise that their newly announced next album Major is allegedly another excursions in positivity.

Sargent House will issue the collection July 24, and it's apparently "confident, triumphant and brimming with infectious enthusiasm," according to the press sheet. The 11-song outing, which follows 2010's self-titled debut, is said to have the band stacking several hummable harmonies in a row for maximum listening enjoyment.

"One of our core ideas has always been that our songs would be all of your favourite parts of the song that other bands make you wait eight minutes to get to," guitarist/vocalist Jason Bartell said in a statement. "We wanted to be the band that's nothing but your favourite hooks back to back."

The press sheet points to album opener "Kindergarten" offering neoclassical piano plinking and "chiming harmonized guitars," filtering childlike wonder through the gaze of art pop. Other highlights apparently include the air-guitar-inducing wah-wah riffs of "Sisterly" and the "pure pop bliss" of "Asunder."

Cynics might scoff at the sunny good vibes of Major, but Bartell finds that many people oversimplify the concept of a happy song.

"Positive songs often run the risk of sounding shallow, but we feel there are a lot of shades and depths to positivity that can be explored."

Full song samples have yet to arrive, but you can get a sneak peek of what's to come in a new album trailer down below.


1. Kindergarten
2. Sisterly
3. Seek it Out
4. Make Me
5. Never Understand
6. Asunder
7. Dooney Rock
8. Regalia
9. Chompers
10. Chime Out
11. Victorinian