Fake Shark Real Zombie Sign to Light Organ Records for 'Liar'

Fake Shark Real Zombie Sign to Light Organ Records for 'Liar'
Vancouver ensemble Fake Shark Real Zombie have announced that their upcoming, "over the top" Liar LP will be issued through hometown imprint Light Organ Records.

Apparently, the album will veer far off from the band's spazz-punk ways, at least according to frontman Kevin Maher.

"I fell out of love with hardcore because it's missing character," he said in a statement. "The new album, called Liar, is a result of a new direction… allowing my love of soul, Motown, hip-hop and old-school punk rock to show itself."

Neither a tracklisting nor a release date has been confirmed thus far, but the stylistic change on Liar will be addressed on album track "Fuck Kevvy." The track allegedly tackles haters head-on, while explaining the group's musical evolution.

"I write records for myself, as if I were trying to come up with my favourite record, and the types of things that satisfy me musically are more like witty phrasing or lyrics rather than just trying to write the fastest songs in the world," Maher continued. "It's still insane music, maybe even more insane, it's just not the expected cacophony."

Last year, we learned that the act were cooped up in a Toronto-area recording studio with a cast of producers, including Steve Bays, Greig Nori, Tino Zofi and Dave Ogilvie, to prep the follow-up to their sophomore set Meeting People Is Terrible.

Maher also revealed at the time that pop songstress Adaline had been brought in to duet on a tune called "Yes Yes No No."

Guests appearing on Liar now include Mindless Self Indulgence vocalist Jimmy Urine, and Die Mannequin's Care Failure.