Fake Shark Real Zombie "Girls" (ft. Steve Bays) (video)

Fake Shark Real Zombie 'Girls' (ft. Steve Bays) (video)
Fake Shark Real Zombie have yet to announce when they'll deliver their previously teased, "over the top" Liar LP, but the Vancouver-based band have just unveiled a bizarre video for a new tune called "Girls."

The clip, which you can see below, strangely finds singer Kevvy Mental and the rest of his crew gallivanting around an abandoned schoolyard and has them feasting on a smorgasbord of sugary snacks before getting into a food fight. Elsewhere, they play the potentially subversive Top 40 pop jam from the confines of a jungle gym, get a magical ride in a downtrodden dude's shopping cart, and find Hot Hot Heat singer Steve Bays in a basketball court, plunking out melodies on a Technicolor piano.

It's a mind-boggler that's a world away from the group's screamy post-hardcore past, suggesting that Mental's recent work with pop darling Carly Rae-Jepsen may be seeping into his already skewed repertoire. Either way, it seems like "over the top" tag is more than apropos.

"Girls" is available on iTunes now via Light Organ Records.