Fake Palms Announce Debut Album

Fake Palms Announce Debut Album
Fake Palms may have started as the bedroom pop project of Michael le Riche back in 2011, but the Toronto-based outfit have grown into a full-time four-piece, and they're ready to deliver their debut full-length release. The self-titled LP is due out on August 28 via Buzz Records.
In addition to le Riche, the band consists of veteran Toronto musicians like Slim Twig's drummer Simone TB, Hooded Fang's Lane Halley and bassist Patrick Marshall of Burning Love and Nice Head.
"Our intention is to do the most we can with the limitations we put on ourselves," le Riche said in a press release. "No backing tracks, no samples etc. We want to make music that is an honest representation of the four of us in a room at that time."
On their debut offering, the band aim to capture their sense of off-kilter structure and keen pop catchiness — and you can get an idea of what that sounds like on the band's latest single "Sparkles."
"The progression from initial idea to completed song took about two hours," said le Riche, explaining the origins of the song. "It was an experiment to see how off centre we could get musically, counter balanced with classic pop melodies. We change time signatures, the guitars are abrasive, the drums and bass are big and distorted, but at the end of the day we're trying to make music that you can hum along to."
Give it a listen below.