Fake Palms 'Fake Palms' (album stream)

Fake Palms 'Fake Palms' (album stream)
Fake Palms have been kicking around Toronto for a few years, and having signed with Buzz Records, they have a self-titled album coming out on August 28. Before it officially lands on shelves, the LP is available to stream in full.

The nine-song collection begins with a frightening series of kick drum thumps that lead in the stormy fretboard explosions of "Fever Dreams." It's a jarring, intense track, but more pop-oriented sounds come to the fore in tuneful numbers like "Estates" and "Nerves." All in all, its an intriguing mixture of dissonance and catchiness.

Fake Palms founder Michael le Riche said in a statement, "Our intention is to do the most we can with the limitations we put on ourselves. No backing tracks, no samples etc. We want to make music that is an honest representation of the four of us in a room at that time."

Scroll past Fake Palms' tour schedule to hear the album below.

Tour dates:

08/24 Brooklyn, NY - Palisades
08/25 Baltimore, MD - The Crown
08/26 Washington, DC - DC9
08/27 Chapel Hill, NC - The Cave
08/28 Athens, GA - Caledonia Lounge
08/29 Nashville, TN - The Crying Wolf
08/30 Detroit, MI - PJ's Lager House
09/10 Toronto, ON - Silver Dollar
09/11 Chicago, IL - Subterranean
09/12 London, ON - Call the Office