Fairweather Lusitania

Virginia’s Fairweather have played it safe with their latest release, Lusitania, by making sure to hit all the marks of the post-hardcore formula. Classic Jimmy Eat World-esque vocal harmonies appear everywhere on the record to emphasise the delicate melodies hidden behind the distorted guitars, like on "The Treachery of Images.” The standard palm-muted punk rock guitar sounds off on tracks like "Alaska,” while hardcore-inspired drawling guitar riffs can be heard on "1195.” Lusitania is a catchy, well-written record that is sure to land fans of Further Seems Forever or Piebald. However, the band’s major problem is standing out amongst such aforementioned bands, who seem to have that certain musical originality that Fairweather is lacking. Yet, Lusitania has beautifully designed CD art, which does help add imagery to the songs. Fairweather manages to create some pretty interesting sounds on Lusitania. Unfortunately, it’s really nothing we’ve never heard before. (Equal Vision)