Fabio Frizzi

"Apoteosi Del Mistero" / "IrrealtÖ Di Suoni"

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Apr 3, 2014

Death Waltz Recording Company is about to unearth a new pressing of Fabio Frizzi's scarifying score for Lucio Fulci's City of the Living Dead, but before the remastered LP hits your turntable you can check out a pair of preview tracks.

Down below you'll find "Apoteosi Del Mistero," a pulsing piece of music that at first feels macabre via the miasma of moody synths, but takes a triumphant turn with the faux tootle of electronic brass and an inspired snare rat-a-tat. "IrrealtÖ Di Suoni" plays it a bit creepier, with a funky backbeat of slap bass, cymbal stops and a simulated choir backing gothic, occasionally atonal harmonies.

You can hear both chillers down below. The City of the Living Dead soundtrack is expected to arrive sometime later this spring.

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