Fabio Frizzi's Score to Lucio Fulci Film 'A Cat in the Brain' Gets Reissued via Mondo

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Aug 27, 2014

Following the recent pressing of Italian composer Fabio Frizzi's freaky score to City of the Living Dead, it's been revealed that his work on another Lucio Fulci flick, 1990's  Un Gatto nel Cervello (a.k.a. A Cat in the Brain), will be hitting turntables later in the year.

While Death Waltz Recording Company handled City of the Living Dead, fellow soundtrack favourers Mondo will give up the Gatto goods this week at Austin's MondoCon. The release is expected to be available for the general public at a later date.

As Badass Digest reports, the first-ever vinyl pressing of the score features newly commissioned artwork from We Buy Your Kids, which you can see up above, and will be available on black wax and randomly inserted "brain colored" vinyl, essentially a pink and white swirl. The album will also be packaged with liner notes about the score from Frizzi.

The A Cat in the Brain soundtrack, which scores a meta film about a tortured horror film director (played by Fulci himself) experiencing murderous visions both real and imagined, had originally appeared on CD in the late '90s, paired with the score to Fulci's Zombi 2. Death Waltz had also issued a flexi-disc single earlier this year featuring a live performance of the theme song in London last Halloween.

You can see some images of the release below, as well as a new Mondo print for the film that will be sold on Friday (August 29) at its Austin gallery show Harsh Majical. The vinyl release will also reportedly be on sale at the show.

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