Fabio Frizzi Recreates His Classic Lucio Fulci Score for 'The Beyond'

'The Beyond: Composer's Cut' will arrive as a 2-LP set and feature 52 unused pieces of music originally composed for the film

BY Brock ThiessenPublished Sep 30, 2019

Cult Italian horror scorer Fabio Frizzi is breathing new life into one of his finest moments — his soundtrack to Lucio Fulci's classic 1981 film The Beyond. For an upcoming release on Cadabra Records, Frizzi is issuing an entirely new version of his Beyond OST, which finds the composer going back to his original notes and recordings for an entirely new take on the score.

The upcoming release will come under the title of The Beyond: Composer's Cut, which will arrive on October 18 as a 2-LP set on 160-gram coloured vinyl. It features newly commissioned artwork by Jeremy Hush, a four-panel foldout insert, an 11x11 insert and a 24x36 poster, as well as exclusive liner notes by Fabio Frizzi himself.

Most importantly, The Beyond: Composer's Cut features 52 unused pieces of music originally composed for the film, and right now, you can get an idea what to expect by streaming "Zweick's Torture – M1-M5" and "Spiders Attack M36" below.

In an interview published in 2019 horror soundtrack book Blood on Black Wax: Horror Soundtracks on Vinyl, Frizzi explained the process of building this new version of The Beyond:

The definitive mix of a movie is a difficult matter in which [everyone's] ideas flow and where the director has to create the right balance under his artistic view. For the new composer's cut, I found my old notes taken with Lucio and many of the scenes that I newly scored contain the original, unused music cues...It is basically a new reading of that movie. I tried to do the work imagining Lucio sitting beside me. The true Beyond is always the one dated 1981, but I hope this new one will be a pleasant experience for all of those who loved that one.

Check out the expansive tracklist at the bottom of the page, as well as pre-order the release.

The Beyond: Composer's Cut:


1. M1 - M5 - Zweick's Torture
2. M6 - The Eyes
3. M7 - M8 - John McCabe The Doctor
4. M9 - Room No. 36
5. M10 - Basement Mysteries
6. M11 - The Plumber Towards His Destiny
7. M12 - Death Comes From The Wall


8. M15 - M16 Bis - Emily Appears To Liza
9. M18 - Flat Electroencephalogram?
10. M19 - Sweet Dressing
11. M20 - Blood Foam
12. M22 - M23 - White Eyes In The Cemetery
13. M24 - M25 - Ancient Simulacra
14. M26 - M28 - Dawn Of Anguish
15. M29 - M30 - Liza Relives Zweick's Death
16. M31 - M32 - Nails In The Wall
17. M34 - M35 - The Book Of Eibon


18. M36 - Spiders Attack
19. M37 - M40 - The Mystery Thickens
20. M41 - M42 - Symbols In The Morgue
21. M43 - M46 - Justice From The Past
22. M46 Bis - Emily's Second Death


23. M48 - M49 - Liza Panicked
24. M50 - M51 - John's Disbelief
25. M53 - Zombie Infested House
26. M54 - M55 - Towards Despair
27. M56 - M57 - Horror Hospital
28. M58 - M61 - The Return Of Zweick - Epilogue

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