Ezekiel Honig Technology Is Lonely

Technology is Lonely comes from the Force Inc./Mille Plateaux school of clickno, the only major difference is that Honig is not signed to either of those labels. You would think by the title that the music might sound a bit warm or at least be filled with longing, but much of the music on this disc comes off as cold. This could be the point. Speaking of points, a low one was where my stomach turned soured to tracks like "Interlude” and "I Like Sitting” from some of the cruddy-tasting sounds Honig chose for his ingredients. Luckily this CD comes with its own equivalent of bismuth where the music gets better near the end. Soothing tunes that coat the innards like "Inner Space” bring to mind techno luminaries like Swayzak. Honig’s got the poison, he’s got the remedy, he’s got the pulsating rhythmical remedy. (Anticipate)