Eyes of Fire Prisons

Far from another half-assed entry into the currently flourishing sludge genre, Eyes Of Fire set themselves apart from their contemporaries with a hitherto, unexplored degree of catchiness, bone-shattering production from Matt Bayles (Isis, Norma Jean), and degree of restraint in songwriting not often present in groups of this kind. Almost approaching Paradise Lost or Anathema’s more recent efforts on occasion, the waves of feedback drenched doom and apocalyptic low-end are structured around rock-solid vocal hooks and highly memorable riffage, as opposed to the tidal builds and subsequent releases of Neurosis or Cult of Luna. The length of the songs are somewhat easier to swallow as well, which gives the group an edge over similar acts, so far as commercial viability is concerned. Occasionally, the vocal patterns and more succinct, polished moments convey a barely perceptible Machine Head influence. While not quite possessing the experience to craft on Oceanic or a Through Silver in Blood, Eyes of Fire doubtlessly have their own thing going, and display a lack of pretension that is noteworthy in itself. A worthy purchase, if only for the climactic refrain of Gone Forever, my bid for the heaviest moment of the year thus far. (Century Media)