Eyes for Telescopes Please Survive

Eyes for Telescopes are a bluesy, folksy and very pop-oriented Charlottetown group, and yet another item Canada has been overlooking. Including former members of Charlottetown's Strawberry, with newcomer Belinda Doyle sharing vocal duties with Pat Deighan and Craig MacPherson. While the group seems most comfortable doing pure pop songs, as on opener "Hey Alright," their forays into the late night, smokes and booze blues world, "Blonde Wig," doesn't seem to really capture what they were striving for - there is a visceral rage lacking, a gutter perspective that doesn't receive the justice it requires. Otherwise, there is a fair amount of pleasant, if inoffensive, guitar strumming, head shaking and toe tapping mellow pop. There is strong songwriting and talent here, and for a debut, it does point to potential in upcoming releases. (Sandbar)