Eyehategod Discuss New 7-Inch and Upcoming Studio Album

Eyehategod Discuss New 7-Inch and Upcoming Studio Album
Legendary New Orleans sludge masters Eyehategod haven't released a new album in over a decade, with their last being 2000's Confederacy of Ruined Lives. Having just put out their latest offering, the one-song 7-inch New Orleans Is the New Vietnam, frontman Mike Williams has shed some light on the release, as well as divulged some information regarding the band's upcoming and long-anticipated full-length.

Featuring a recording of "New Orleans Is the New Vietnam," which has been a staple in their live set for over a year, as well as an etched B-side, the new 7-inch has been welcomed by fans who have been longing for a new Eyehategod record.

"We haven't put an album out in 12 years," Williams laughs in a recent Exclaim! interview. "It wasn't really that idea of tiding anyone over, but it is that idea at the same time. [The 7-inch is] a good little thing to get people's attention before we go into the studio for the next record."

Williams says that the band already have an abundance of tracks written for the upcoming full-length.

"Right now we've got enough songs, more than enough songs for the record, we've got extra songs," he says. "They're not all finished yet, some of the songs need vocals put to them and stuff like that, but for the most part, we've written enough songs for the record, plus more. So it's been a really good writing period the last couple of years."

Although Eyehategod have enough material ready for the new album, Williams says that the band are still sorting out the details.

"We've got three different record labels that we're talking to, we're trying to figure out which label is the best for us, mainly because we don't trust record labels at all. I mean, we really don't, we've been screwed over before and we just don't trust anybody. So we're trying to get the best deal we can for us.

"We're not kids anymore, we're older now so we need to make this our living. A couple of us have jobs, but for the most part this is our job, so it's just confusing sometimes. We're dealing with labels, we're trying to figure out what studio to go into right now, even before we've signed a deal, so it's just a lot of things we have to decide. I know we've been promising people a new record for years, so hopefully we won't disappoint people anymore."

As the anticipation for the new full-length grows, a few incorrect album titles have been spreading online, the main one being Whiskey Drink, which Williams explains will not be the title of the record.

"That's like the stupidest thing I've ever heard," he says. "There's no title, we've thrown around a few things, but there's definitely no title. I don't know why people do that.

"It's just amazing that someone would make up a title and it blew up and now it's all over the internet because one idiot put that as the title of the record, it's really strange to me. I mean, it's not strange I guess with the way the internet works, but it's strange to me that someone would just decide the title of our album for us. And such a stupid title too, the Whiskey Drink thing, I don't even want to say it because it pisses me off. It's so stupid, it's just really dumb and whoever did that sucks."

While the album's title, recording location and label are still up in the air, fans can whet their appetites with New Orleans Is the New Vietnam, which is out now via A389 Recordings.