Eyehategod "Medicine Noose" (video)

Eyehategod 'Medicine Noose' (video)
"Medicine Noose" is one of many gloomy, gut-punching tunes off of Eyehategod's new self-titled LP, and the sludgey number has now been treated to a dourly-lit performance video.

The clip has the band grouped up in a rehearsal studio, where they balance a detuned groove of slime-soaked six-string discharges and Mike IX Williams decimating growls. Coupled with shots of smoke-shooting factories, religious iconography and shot-up target practice sheets, the video makes for a bit of a downer experience.

"The song 'Medicine Noose' conveys the message of suicidal thoughts and of hanging yourself off of your own medicine cabinet, literally and figuratively," Williams explained of the track's meaning to Revolver. "The nonsense and horror of addiction in relationships and the co-dependency involved will inevitably destroy us all."

Heavy with its message as well as its music, you'll find the video for "Medicine Noose" down below.