Eyehategod "The Liar's Psalm"

Eyehategod 'The Liar's Psalm'
With Eyehategod's new self-titled album dropping next Tuesday (May 27) through Phil Anselmo's Housecore Records, the metal vets are ending a 14-year drought. You can sip on some extra material a couple days early, though, as a B-side has made its way online. No foolin', you can stream "The Liar's Psalm" down below.

The track, which shows up on a Decibel Magazine flexi disc, is suitably mucky, with the New Orleans sludge messiahs oozing out a series of terrifying scale runs, slow-mo drum damage and blood-curling cries the way they know best. It's a punishing addition to the catalogue, and you can hear it down below.

Exclaim! just gave the impending self-titled LP our seal of approval, and you can read why in a review over here.

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