Extreme Noise Terror Being And Nothing

"Not an original note of music mate." There's no doubting that this album is ruthlessly heavy and brutal from start to finish, but the utter insanity is cautiously buffered by the obvious fact that you have heard it all before. The funny thing is where you've heard it all before. Until recently, ENT have prided themselves on sounding more like vintage Napalm Death than Napalm Death cared or dared to sound. Then again, there is some sort of "kinship" between the two bands. They're from the same area, have both been around since the dawn of time, have shared labels, stages and probably toilet paper and even briefly swapped vocalists a few years back, with the trade being nullified and Barney being sent back to Napalm. (Something about a torn rotator cuff). Anyway, if you can't get enough high speed, old school grind, then check it out. (Candlelight)