Explosions in the Sky Offer Update on New Album

Explosions in the Sky Offer Update on New Album
It's been four long years since Texas post-rock outfit Explosions in the Sky released their last proper studio album, Take Care, Take Care, Take Care. Since then, the quartet have been lending their cinematic sounds to cinema, sountracking Prince Avalanche and ManglehornFortunately, the wait's nearly over for a new album proper from the act.

Posting on their Facebook page, the group revealed that they'll spend all of 2015 working on a new album. And while it's hard to say just how long the process will take, they also said that they're "well into the process."

Here's their statement in full: 

Hi Everyone,

Sorry that we've been running silent for awhile. The last few years have been pretty hectic for us (touring, working on soundtracks, etc.), so we've spent the last few months in hibernation. 2015 will also be on the quiet side, at least as far as touring and shows are concerned. This is because we'll be spending most of our time writing and recording stuff for a new album. We're well into the process, but we still have a ways to go. We're pretty excited about what we're coming up with and we'll keep you posted as we go. Anyway, we just wanted to say welcome to 2015 and we hope it goes okay for all of you. We're now in our sixteenth year as a band and we're grateful every single day that you're still listening. Take care.

Love, Explosions

Watch the video for the band's "Be Comfortable, Creature" below.