Let there be Blood

BY Greg PrattPublished Oct 22, 2008

To some, it may be blasphemy for classic thrashers Exodus to re-record their ’85 debut, Bonded by Blood, with current vocalist Rob Dukes singing now-deceased vocalist Paul Baloff’s words. The band cite wanting to give the production job a modern kick in the pants and honouring Baloff by doing the project as reasons for Let there be Blood’s existence. The latter I can swallow, and while I understand the former, there is something to be said for the tin can production that’s such a huge part of first-generation thrash. Heck, throw in some warbling-cassette sounds and I couldn’t be happier. And, sure, the production sound is huge, beefy and clear as a bell; actually, as far as modern metal productions go, it sounds really good. And while the songs still sound great, this is basically a one-listen curio that sounds good and was done for the right reasons but lacks the charm of the original.

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