Exhumed Anatomy Is Destiny

After an average debut and a wonderfully catchy and memorable follow-up album, today's kings of gore-grind are back. And Anatomy Is Destiny does not disappoint, with the Exhumed lads still overflowing with catchy hooks and cranium-bashing death metal galore. Amazing that this third-album-era Carcass meets Slayer stuff never gets old, but when it's done with such skill, finesse and humour, it's hard to not get caught up in it. But what's really important is that these are actually songs, memorable enough to stick your head after only one or two listens. "The Matter of Splatter" in particular has all the makings of an underground cult hit. Even the lyrics have some subversive, hilarious smarts to them. It's all driven home with the solid production work of Neil Kernon. A classy metal feast indeed, with enough solos, blasting grind, hooks and old school thrash elements to please an extremely wide array of metal-heads. (Relapse)