Execration Syndicate of Lethargy

Although the region is known more for its black metal movement, Norway has produced some fresh death metal acts. Amongst these are Execration. With so many new bands nowadays adding the "core” suffix to some form of death metal it’s nice to get wind of a band like Execration, whose sound harkens back to the birth of the genre while still being able to include a smattering of modern metal elements. The sound should surprise no one; it’s mostly an early Morbid Angel feel minus the solos. In their place is an array of time-signature drop-offs that produce a sickeningly heavy drawl that will remind keen-earned Canadians of Gorguts. The total package results in a great traditional feel that doesn’t sound like a straight-up Possessed derivative. Death metal fans looking for something that pushes the boundaries will do well to lend their ears. (Vendlus)