Kneecap Are Great Craic on "Sick in the Head"

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BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Feb 21, 2024

Belfast-bred rap trio Kneecap delivered what was undoubtedly one of the most electric sets I witnessed in 2023. Yes, a boisterous Irish contingent in the crowd made things all the more memorable (they chant 'one more chune' instead of 'song' at the concert's end), but beyond the stage, the outfit's appeal continues to grow.

Kneecap's lyrics, which flit smoothly between English and Gaelic Irish, have earned them a ban from Irish radio and a following far beyond their home city. A group biopic co-starring Michael Fassbender has earned rave reviews at Sundance. New album Fine Art arrives June 14 via Heavenly Recordings. This is all to say that the trio are, to borrow from their language, great craic. 

What I've heard of the LP cements that fact. Of the Fine Art material Kneecap performed that night, recent single "Sick in the Head" was a highlight. Despite the group calling it one of their slower songs, the dovetailing of booming production and serpentine flows swiftly whipped up a push pit not unlike the one seen in the song's accompanying video. Translate the song's Irish bars, and you'll gain a greater view of this anthem of resilience in facing mental exhaustion; a call to stand up, stay true to yourself and keep pushing forward no matter how long you've been "sitting too long getting mouldy on the shelf."


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