Excepter Offer Up Rare Tunes Online

Excepter Offer Up Rare Tunes Online
Long-running avant garde outfit Excepter experienced a tragic blow when the band's Clare Amory passed away at 35 following a battle with cancer. In atttempts to perhaps tie up some loose ends, the band have released a digital compilation of early work, spanning from 2002 to 2004.

Titled OD, this digital-only collection presents 11 rarities full of twisted sound samples, uncomfortable vocal musings and beyond tranquil synth lines. "Are U War 2?" is one of its many highlights. The song was originally issued on the 2003 compilation Kult 48: The Dark Mix and features a number of keyboard hiccups and dialogue snippets of television broadcasts pertaining the war on Iraq. You can grab the release on the troupe's Bandcamp page, or stream it below.

The soundsmiths also re-released their debut album, 2003's KA, on Bandcamp. This digital-only edition also pairs the LP with the "Vacation" single and an epic whitewash called "AG," which was originally pressed on CD-R. You can stream KA below as well.

Thanks to Altered Zones for the tip.


1. "Shaker Life"
2. "Heart Beat / Rock Stepper"
3. "Are U War 2?"
4. "Polyps"
5. "Wet Margarete"
6. "Mooning Over You"
7. "House Party"
8. "Taxes..."
9. "My Heart Is Broke"
10. "(The Wash)"
11. "Forget Me [Solo #3]"


1. "Vacation"
2. "Forget Me"
3. "Shattered Skull"
4. "See Your Son"
5. "Be Beyond Me"
6. "Give Me The Cave"
7. "Free From Muscles"
8. "Hallways"
9. "Jrone"
10. "Breast Of The Wave Offering"
11. "The Fire And The Wood"
12. "AG"