Ex-Refused Members Ready Their Debut As AC4

Ex-Refused Members Ready Their Debut As AC4
Since they broke up back in 1998, everyone and their mother claims to have loved Swedish hardcore outfit Refused, asserting that their swan-song effort The Shape of Punk to Come is an inspiration to all. Well, apparently it was somewhat of a self-fulfilling prophecy if it did alter the future of punk rock.

So, as we all know after Refused split up, front-man Dennis Lyxzén went in a completely different direction and formed the (International) Noise Conspiracy, as well as the Lost Patrol. Both did well enough, but neither has been as popular or well-loved as his previous outfit.

All that might change, though, now that he's got back together with former Refused drummer David Sandström for a new outfit dubbed AC4. The band, rounded out by Karl Backman and Jens Nordén, performed at Storsjöyran and Umeå Punkfest in 2008, creating quite a stir. Hell, we even wrote about them way back then.

Now, they've announced that a debut full-length from AC4 is ready to assault your ears. A release date hasn't been set but it will be put out via Ny Våg Records. Garnering from the minimal footage on YouTube, the band seems to to sound far more straight-up punk than the musicians' earlier efforts but only time will reveal whether that is true or not.

The record appears to be self-titled and will come with this tracklisting:

1. "Detonate"
2. "Where Are The Kids"
3. "I Wanna Go"
4. "The Same Fight"
5. "Assassination"
6. "Fuck The Pigs"
7. "I Can Do It"
8. "Won't Bow Down"
9. "It Catches Up"
10. "My Condition"
11. "Pigs Lose"
12. "Over In A Second"
13. "Let's Go To War"
14. "Coptown"
15. "This Is It"