Evil Call Me Evil

Frequently the Cancon rap debut either attempts to hide its Canuck roots and shoot for generic U.S. rap release, or go 180 degrees in the other direction and wear Tim Horton’s on its sleeve. Evil, Vancouver’s superstar in the making, does none of these, and for this reason, he may just be the best new voice in Canadian rap. Seriously. Evil’s got a voice that sounds like Mobb Deep, raps that manage to be smart without smacking off the over-compensating white boy, and with equally attention-worthy producers Draft Dodgers at the helm, has an album of club hits and iPod classics. "Told You So” and "Stuck Up” will be new faves the first time through, while the pre-requisite booze track "Liquor Store” showcases his story-telling snaps. This also contains a collaboration with Josh Martinez, the guitar looped guy-girl tale that you’re girlfriend loves, and you secretly listen to on repeat. Go pick this up and start the ball rolling, so we can get Evil at a show in the rest of the country. (Camobear)